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About Us

Nawal Jes a New York based luxury shoe brand is an emerging elegant woman shoe brand that specializes in handmade, hand stitched beaded shoes. We aim to build a High Fashion and Woman Empowerment Enterprise Model. We hire and train single mothers, people with low income and from Indigenous tribes beginning with Asia specifically in Malaysia.

NAWAL JES presents an array of well designed, beautiful feminine and delicate handmade and hand beaded shoes, where every piece is meticulously crafted. Our shoes are all about delivering quality and comfort, combined with our unique style making.

NAWAL JES shoes a collection for a woman who enjoys something a little less ordinary. We not only make luxury shoes but we are also a company where we create job opportunities. We believe that beading is an art that can be taught, so we hire people with a passion for shoes and bead work and teach them to bead shoes of the highest quality.

Instagram: nawal_jes