July 23 2013 Tuesday at 03:21 AM

A day with Natassia Malthe


Im sure by now most of you heard or watched the teaser for the upcoming movie Vikingdom that will be out next year and saw how beautiful and talented Natassia Malthe (Brynna) is. Famously known from the movie Elektra, Natassia Malthe is just an ordinary down to earth person to be with. During her time shooting the movie Vikingdom I got the opportunity to get to know her (I was working as the Production Assistant on Vikingdom) and she is more amazing and beautiful in person then she is on screen. 

She asked if she could wear a pair of Nawal Jes during her interviews for the upcoming movie, and of course I said yes!!!! So off the Putrajaya we went, after a little lunch we when up to the room and started laying our shoes out to choose which on fits her outfit best :) We agreed on GreyMatter, and it fits and look so perfect on her. 


Isn't she gorgeous, and Nawal Jes looks AMAZING ON HER!!

But the sad thing is we found out once we got to the interview room that we won't be able to see the shoes, but Natassia tried to goof around and ask if she could sit in a position where the shoes would be seen. It was so nice of her and I'm so thankful for her support in my brand. 


Heres the few position she tried so that the shoe would be seen in the interview, ahahaha. 

So after all the goofing around the interview started, after a few question and answer been going back and forth they were in a flow, and as she was answering one of the question, suddenly you could hear,


(hand on my forehead, and i was thinking to my self please don't let that be me please) 

and at the same time everyone turn and looked at me.

God it is me!!! 

They had to call cut, and re shoot the question. And i could not stop apologising. (DUH Nawal how many times have you been on shoot and yet you forget to silent your phone. COME ON!!) But everything turn out good at the end :)


With the Beautiful and talented Natassia Malthe.

Here's the interview, you may not see the shoes but you would sure love what you'll see :


and for thoese who have not seen the teaser here it is, enjoy;