July 20 2013 Saturday at 11:52 PM

Ipon Im In LOVE


So since I have been shooting, it just so happen that at some point on every shoot we would end up in Ipoh. I think this year its self if I put all the days of me being in Ipoh together, I would say I was a residence of Ipoh for 2 Months. And I LOVE IT!!! 

So after exploring or more off walking around trying to find food when I was back in Ipoh beginning of this year I stumble across a shop that would help me produce things for my next project (yes it's a secret, you would just have to wait to find out what it is) 


So yesterday me, my brother and my Helm (Hetero life mate/my bestfriend/Aneez) went up to Ipoh for a day trip. And the only thing I have to direct us to this shop was an address of a street near by that I note down few months back. (Not to sure why that day i didn't write the address of the road its self down instead the address of the road few blocks down)  

So once we got to Ipoh it was a scavenger hunt for this shop. And once we actually found it, it moved 4 blocks down with a map on the door redirecting us to their new shop. But to my disappointment they stop doing the service that I wanted and needed for my next project. 

But on a good note, we got to walk around, and I LOVE walking in Ipoh. They have hidden treasure everywhere and one of my fav is this old antique glasses shop, I have been wanting to purchase a sunglasses from them for months now, but finally decided which ones I want but for that another trip to IPOH, YEAY!!!


Here is the one i want!!! God I love an Antique Piece. 


As for our next project heres a little clue, it has something to do with…… Shoes!!!  DUH!!! 


But for that Penang here we come!!!!


Here are some picture from Ipoh;




I love an old wall or building that is still kept, the stories are in the lines and the cracks. 




Here's a couple more, dont you just love it!!!