April 12 2012 Thursday at 02:34 AM

Nawal Jes: Designed with Princess'H - INSPIRED 2012

Hello, Beauties!

Now, who loves fairy tales? We know we do! 

This new pair from our collection was inspired by a little princess named Harisa. Princess Harisa was a pretty little client of ours  who previously requested for a pair of "Princess shoes, with diamonds"! 

We decided to transform this idea into a pair of beautiful wedges which would make you look like you'd be walking on crystals! Wouldn't you just love that? That's as close as you can get to Cinderella's glass slippers! Also, to add a little more detail, beads were sewn on the heel which was inspired by wedding gown buttons.

You can't deny, there's still a little part of us who wants a taste of that fairy tale.

Get in touch with the little princess in you :)

Introducing, Princess'H


Nawal Jes