November 24 2011 Thursday at 02:02 AM

Nawal Jes Daily: It's been a long time coming.


                                                                                                   MASiF 2011


                                                                                   MASiF 2011, O'oi Couture

                                                                                        with Juliana Evans


                                                                                   Art Music Fashion By Nawal Jes



   Hello shoe lovers,

We apologize for not updating our blog as often as we supposed to. But we are excited to share with you guys what had happen in this last one year.

We also are going to have a few surprises coming your way, a few amazing women will be designing with us, so keep a close eye to find out who. Not only that you have a chance to win a pair of our couture shoes or one of our ready to wear shoes. So find out how next week.

We are also excited to be coming out with our new collection on January 1st 2012. So here we go again, we will be having a countdown to our next collection with blog updates. So let's start counting gorgeous.

By the way  we will be updating our website soon, so that it would be more user friendly for you guys and also  we will be adding few more amazing pages on our website :)

We will be adding more pictures to our blog, so stay tune.

Talk to you soon gorgeous,

Nawal Jes

"Step into my shoes"