March 11 2011 Friday at 01:40 AM

Nawal Jes: GreyMatter

GreyMatter, thank you HELM for naming this shoe for me.

So today we have a guest writer, my AMAZING Best Friend and Hetero lifemate Aneez Yuliani.

Slip your feet into the warm caress of this luxurious pair of Grey and Maroon Suede shoes. A gem among the Nawal Jes collection (and a personal favourite), it is a rare combination of both glamour and simplistic elegance. You can wear it for a night out with your girls or for a quiet dinner with that special someone ;)

My slipper loyalist self would trade my daily comfort for these beauties without a second's thought. So why are you still thinking.. Grab them while you can :)



Aneez Yuliani