September 04 2012 Tuesday at 06:04 AM

Nawal Jes: We-d-Ges

feel free to drop off your opinion on this one :) 


and as promised my first  "funky wedges" 

 Hey guys!!

I am about to come out with my wedges collection which I must say is harder to design as me myself am more of a stilettos person. Don't get me wrong I love wedges!! I still remember getting my first wedge at Prettyfeet (at suria KLCC) and it WAS really something to talk about. I'll attach a picture if I can still find those pair of shoes. FYI this was the spice girl era and wearing wedges was the "IN" thing.

Going back to my wedges collection, I already designed my first wedges but I am still at uncertain about it. At this point of time I am trying to paint out my thoughts for the look that I want my wedges collection to have.

So you guys might have to wait for another month or so before I finally decide on what I am coming out with. But feel free to drop off your opinion :)

Btw I have a few customized shoes that was made to go with your this year's "Baju Raya".

Will keep u guys posted.

Have a wonderful day gorgeous people.

Nawal Jes. 

27 JUL 11