September 04 2012 Tuesday at 04:40 AM

Nawal Jes: nostalgia'Yellow & MaryJ'yEllow

So to be honest i am not to sure how to blog or what to blog about, so i'm sorry if my blog seem a little bit boring but i think i am getting a hang of it. I my self am not a writer, just to put it out there i am not one.  So do mind my language, grammar and whatever may seem wrong with my blog post.

Having one thing in comment in these two shoes would be the mustard yellow. I am in love with this earthy mustard yellow. Well to think of it, the color was one of my big inspiration for this flats collection. The minute i held the material in hand, i was attracted to how soft the leather is and the verity of colors that was given to chose from. I knew then how i wanted my flats to be design like. 


I thought designing them would be the hardest part but as i was posting up yesterday flats, i came to realize i am not to sure what or how i want to name my flats, or weather it should even be named. But thanks to my friend Aldous for naming yesterday flats, it somehow made it easier for me to name my flats today.


So I think will try harder at this blog thing and see how it goes. But sorry again if there is anything wrong with it. 


Nawal Jes