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Nawal Jes Designed With: Princess'H - INSPIRED 2012

Hello, Beauties!

Now, who loves fairy tales? We know we do! 

This new pair from our collection was inspired by a little princess named Harisa. Princess Harisa was a pretty little client of ours  who previously requested for a pair of "Princess shoes, with diamonds"! 

We decided to transform this idea into a pair of beautiful wedges which would make you look like you'd be walking on crystals! Wouldn't you just love that? That's as close as you can get to Cinderella's glass slippers! Also, to add a little more detail, beads were sewn on the heel which was inspired by wedding gown buttons.

You can't deny, there's still a little part of us who wants a taste of that fairy tale.

Get in touch with the little princess in you :)

Introducing, Princess'H


Nawal Jes

12 APR 12

Nawal Jes: NUDE A' SNAKE - INSPIRED 2012

Hey shoe lovers! 

 We here at Nawal Jes know that a nude pair of heels are an essential in every woman's closet. Thats why we decided to come up with a pair in our iNSPIRED 2012 collection, but what makes it even sexier is the snake skin texture it's made with! So ladies, what are you waiting for? Spoil yourselves with a pair of nudes to fulfill your fashion needs ,be it day or night! Introducing, the Nude A' Snake

26 MAR 12



Hello Beautiful People!

After many requests from our beloved followers regarding wedges ,we decided to give all of you what you asked for- our very first pair of wedges ever designed.

We know heels can get to you after a few hours, so this wedge is perfect for functions which sometimes (lets face it) can last for hours!

We played around  with different materials and at last, we chose black leather for its platform for your rockin' "rocker chick" side with some refined bead work with pearls at the top to show off your "sweet side". Everybody has a little bit of both in them, I'm sure ;)

So kick off your heels for a bit and wedge it up, ladies!

Introducing, the Pearly Black

19 MAR 12

Nawal Jes: Brown A' Heel

Hey Shoe lovers!

It's the third week of March, how time flies! And this time around, the third pair from our INSPIRED 2012 collection is here to fly along.

Now, if you take a look at our past year's collection- The Beginning 2011, you would have notice our retro flats with brown patched heels in the back. This shoe was actually inspired by those flats. Except this time, we decided to make them sky-high so you can strut with pride.

We have designed most of our heels with platforms , and so we decided to design our very first fully-covered pumps!

Introducing, Brown A' Heel


Nawal Jes

12 MAR 12

Nawal Jes: The Pink Battle - INSPIRED 2012

It's a new week, and it's time for us to release the next pair from our INSPIRED 2012 collection!

A shoe made in honor of Nawal Jes's late grandmother who was fighting cancer till the end.Her mother,a breast cancer survivor, and all the others who have and are battling it to this day.

We are delighted to announce that all profits from this particular pair will be donated to the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM).

As this was a dedication to NCSM, the pink ribbon was without a doubt represented in the bead work of the ballet flats. The objective was to make it as soft and elegant as possible, just like the strong women who have and are fighting breast cancer with all their might.

Introducing, The Pink Battle

In loving memory of Maimoonah Hashim 

5 September 1939 - 10 June 2008


Nawal Jes

05 MAR 12

Nawal Jes: INSPIRED 2012

Hey shoe lovers!

 It's a brand new month, and along with it comes our new collection for 2012- INSPIRED!

The last one year has been an amazing and challenging year. We've come across many new people and opportunities which has helped us as a brand, and with that we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. But with everything comes little bumps along the way. Therefore, we would also like to apologize to anyone whom we may have caused upset in any way.

So, here's a little bit about our latest collection. The reasoning behind it being named INSPIRED is because as you will see every week when we release them one by one, that they each have their own characteristics. We decided to be a bit of a rebel and go without a theme! Besides, wheres the fun in life going by the book all the time hey?

This whole collection was simply inspired by every individual's interesting fashion sense and characteristics we see everyday. In a way, our shoes represent all you lovely people out there in different ways! You will definitely see an interesting mix of things this time around. Also, don't forget our collaboration with AnnaLynne McCord from 90210 which will be revealed in the weeks to come in this collection!

Hope you guys love it as much as we do :)

Here is the very first shoe from our INSPIRED collection. Introducing,  " A' yelLow twist ". Colour blocking galore!

To all you rebels out there, enjoy! :)

Till our next release, stay tuned.


Nawal Jes

01 MAR 12

Nawal Jes: We-d-Ges

feel free to drop off your opinion on this one :) 


and as promised my first  "funky wedges" 

 Hey guys!!

I am about to come out with my wedges collection which I must say is harder to design as me myself am more of a stilettos person. Don't get me wrong I love wedges!! I still remember getting my first wedge at Prettyfeet (at suria KLCC) and it WAS really something to talk about. I'll attach a picture if I can still find those pair of shoes. FYI this was the spice girl era and wearing wedges was the "IN" thing.

Going back to my wedges collection, I already designed my first wedges but I am still at uncertain about it. At this point of time I am trying to paint out my thoughts for the look that I want my wedges collection to have.

So you guys might have to wait for another month or so before I finally decide on what I am coming out with. But feel free to drop off your opinion :)

Btw I have a few customized shoes that was made to go with your this year's "Baju Raya".

Will keep u guys posted.

Have a wonderful day gorgeous people.

Nawal Jes. 

27 JUL 11

Nawal Jes: Hey Minnie you're so fine.

The LAST!!!!

So that's it !!! That was our 2011 Nawal Jes collection. Hope you guys like it.

So here is my version of minnie gone bad, or if she were a teenager. I somehow feel that she would be wearing something like this.


Nawal Jes

26 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: 2nd Last

Tomorrow would be our last day posting shoes from our 2011 collection. Its somehow a bitter sweet moment for me as my first showing is about to come to an end. Hope you guys had fallen in love with my shoes, as how i had. On the exciting note, we are launching our line this coming 28th of March.

This is the last of my flats from my 2011 collection. It's one of those things that goes with almost everything. With the amazing leather that has a dirty look to it, to the finishing touch of orange. 


Nawal Jes

24 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: nostalgia'Yellow & MaryJ'yEllow

So to be honest i am not to sure how to blog or what to blog about, so i'm sorry if my blog seem a little bit boring but i think i am getting a hang of it. I my self am not a writer, just to put it out there i am not one.  So do mind my language, grammar and whatever may seem wrong with my blog post.

Having one thing in comment in these two shoes would be the mustard yellow. I am in love with this earthy mustard yellow. Well to think of it, the color was one of my big inspiration for this flats collection. The minute i held the material in hand, i was attracted to how soft the leather is and the verity of colors that was given to chose from. I knew then how i wanted my flats to be design like. 


I thought designing them would be the hardest part but as i was posting up yesterday flats, i came to realize i am not to sure what or how i want to name my flats, or weather it should even be named. But thanks to my friend Aldous for naming yesterday flats, it somehow made it easier for me to name my flats today.


So I think will try harder at this blog thing and see how it goes. But sorry again if there is anything wrong with it. 


Nawal Jes

Nawal Jes: Orange'P Nawal Jes Flats

Sorry for the last few days, we had a little technical difficulty. 


When i was designing my flats collection, i kept on reminding myself on how i want it to be simple yet elegent enough so that you can throw on anything with it.

So after i came out with the design for my flats, i was only left with one more thing to do and that is to mix and match the colors together.

I chose these two colors in particular because of its unique hue color. Especially the shade of orange. I hardly see these two colors together but somehow they compliment each other so well. 

I present you my Orange'P flats.


Nawal Jes

21 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: A collection of Flats

Sticking through to our theme of unique custom design and made shoes, here is the first pair from our Nawal Jes flats collection. 

Personally when i was coming up with this collection, i wanted something simple, comfortable and unique that can be warned for all occasions. Combining my personal taste along with a variation on conventional color palates  and material.

I chose these colors because the minute i saw them i knew they were perfect for each other. The earthy brown compliment the cerulean blue that makes you want to keep taking a second look. 

So take a second look of our brown'Cerulean Nawal Jes Flats.


Nawal Jes & Aneez Yuliani 

14 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: Gold'Dust


 I think every women needs a pair of black heels (well maybe not the slipper loving people)

You have to agree its one of those things that you can just put on with  jeans and a t-shirt and you're ready for the day. So what better way then to mix it up. A pair of black heels for the day, and slip on you're cocktail dress and you're ready for a night out.

Gold'Dust, simple but yet elegant.


Nawal Jes

12 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: GreyMatter

GreyMatter, thank you HELM for naming this shoe for me.

So today we have a guest writer, my AMAZING Best Friend and Hetero lifemate Aneez Yuliani.

Slip your feet into the warm caress of this luxurious pair of Grey and Maroon Suede shoes. A gem among the Nawal Jes collection (and a personal favourite), it is a rare combination of both glamour and simplistic elegance. You can wear it for a night out with your girls or for a quiet dinner with that special someone ;)

My slipper loyalist self would trade my daily comfort for these beauties without a second's thought. So why are you still thinking.. Grab them while you can :)



Aneez Yuliani

11 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: BROWN

 Artificial leather is probably one of the best thing that had been invented. I don't belive in killing an animal for FASHION! 

I know that fur and leather is a big part in the fashion industry, but if you do have a choice on choosing an artificial leather or the real one, why not the artificial ones. They are almost the same , the feel the look and somehow it last longer. So i think that we all should start changing real fur/leather to artificial ones. I mean this world is not only ours but it belongs to the animals and plants too.

So here is my artificial Ostrich leather with a finishing touch of suede leather. 


Nawal Jes

10 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: Vintage1920


This is the most interesting shoe to take pictures off.  Somehow in every snap the shoe tells a different story, well it could had just been the angel or the lighting but i like to think otherwise.

In honor of women international day yesterday, here is Vintage1920.


Nawal Jes

09 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: MaiMoon Pearl

My late grandmother had been a big inspiration to me when it comes to fashion. She is one of the most elegant and classy women i have ever come across.

And she was the insparation for this shoe. 

 This is actually one of my favorite shoe from this collection, not only does it mean something to me but it is also because pearls are one of my favorite jewllery to put on. 

Hope you guys love this shoe as much as i do. 


Nawal Jes.

08 MAR 11

Nawal Jes: It's the 7TH!!


So as promised here is the 2nd shoe. I love this one in particular because not only is it my first design with beads on it but it had also inspired me in many ways for this 2011 collection. 

So hope you guys like it as much as i do.

 And here are some pictures of the shoes from our photo shoot last week. thanks to aneez and mad for helping out. 


Nawal Jes

07 MAR 11 

Nawal Jes: HELLO!!!


 I would like to start by thanking my family and friends for their support. MAMA . PAPA . SYAHEEDAH . MUHAMMAD . EBRAHIM . ISMAEL . NUHA . ANEEZ . MAD . SHARM . RAY . ABG PUTRA . ABG ARIFF . KARINA . KRIS . MBAK RIA . MBAK RATI . 

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I could have not done any of this if it weren't for you guys.

i know i should wait till the 7th but i cant help my self. so here is a teaser of what's to come.


nawal jes.

04 MAR 11