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A Special Note From a Happy Bride

Last year, we had a bride calling us at the very last minute requesting for a wedding shoe to be made for her. We got it done just in time for her big day!

Last Thursday, we were so delighted when we received an email containing a lovely thank you note from the bride herself.

"Salam Nawal,

I hope you still remember me. I was the bride that called you a week before my big day.. and thank you again for accommodating me. Received it just in time. I've searched high and low for the perfect shoes and none spoke to my heart but yours. 

Please find attached a pic of your shoes with my ugly feet in it. Im not sure if you want it but i feel like it's the only way i can show my gratitude to you for being a part of my special day.

I wish you well in your creative business venture and i must say your new collections are totally va-va-voom. Thanks again. "

Here's a photo of the lovely bride in our shoes (P/S, She has beautiful feet!) 


Nawal Jes

05 MAR 12

Nawal Jes Designs for AnnaLynne McCord from 90210

Hey shoe lovers,

So we have exciting news to share with you guys, last December we were honored to be given an opportunity to design with AnnaLynne McCord,also known as 'Naiomi' from 90210.

Anna's the opposite of how her character on 90210 is. She was so nice and super friendly! We had fun designing a pair of shoes for her which she will be wearing to a red carpet event soon, so watch this space :) We also designed a casual pair of shoes for her daily wear.

I think all you shoe-lovers would be delighted to know that Anna had collaborated with us to design a pair of heels which will be revealed in our 2012 collection launching tomorrow on the 1st of March. We cant deny, she was so natural at designing and had a clear vision of what she wanted  it to look like.

We think she would be a great designer one day, but for now, we're lucky to have had her design with us! We can't wait to share the results of the collaboration with all of you! Well here are a few pictures from the day we were designing with Anna.
Enjoy! :)

29 FEB 12

Safiyya TV 9

 Hey shoe lovers,

Did any of you guys got to catch us in Safiyya last month??
Unfortunately I was busy that day and had only got to watch it recently, we would like to thank Saffiya team for the amazing opportunity on giving us the air time.

If any of you guys didn't get a chance to catch us on Safiyya here is the link to their website.

Nawal Jes

02 DEC 11

30 days in counting.

Hey Shoe Lovers,

30 days till the new years meaning it's 30 days till our new collection launches. I am super excited to share it with you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my hearth for those that had been following me through this last one year.

I design my first shoe around this time last year, so I would love to make one of you shoe lovers dream come though, where you get your own shoe design to become a reality.

So I've decided to make things more interesting till my next shoe collection launches, I'll be having a shoe design competition too all you shoe lovers.

It's easy as 1,2,3.

First draw out your imagination on a piece of paper.

Then upload it on to our Facebook wall, www.Facebook.com/NawalJes

Then we will start our voting system thorough Facebook, where your friends, family and other shoe lovers will be voting for your shoe through our Facebook page.

We will be announcing the winner on 1st of Jan, where you and I will be making your shoe into a reality.

So spread the word gorgeous,

Till the next post, stay true to your self.

Nawal Jes

01 DEC 11

MASiF 2011

Hey shoe lovers,

We have been wanting to upload this for a LOoooooNG time, and I had finally had the time to do so.

I apologize to all that had been waiting.

I would like to thanks everyone that had helped from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

MASiF was an amazing experience to us as it was our first solo fashion show, but we did also collaborate with 2 other amazing fashion designer Abd Putra from Cosry and also O'oi coture.

We will be uploading videos from MASiF so stay tuned gorgeous.

Nawal Jes.

30 NOV 11

Behind the Scenes Pictures from March 2011


29 NOV 11

Pictures from the Art Music Fashion By Nawal Jes


27 NOV 11

Art Music Fashion By Nawal Jes

Hey Shoe Lovers,

In the month of June this year we had a few event that Nawal Jes hosted. Thanks to the help from strudels, we held our event at MidValley MegaMall.

Our first event, we had a preview for our 2011 collection, where with the help from our close friends it went successful, thank you  you guys :)

On the last week we hosted Art Music Fashion By Nawal Jes where we had an amazing collaboration with a nonprofit NGO Escape from Bondage, where they had collected hand me down chlotes from our amazing guest. Thank you for supporting them. You can also check them out at http://escapefrombondage-collective.tumblr.com/

Our guest had a blast with our 3 artistic painters that painted 3 beautiful art pieces for the show, with the help from our guest. Natasha , Mahasin.

Not to forget the amazing bands that came to perform and support us at the same time
* Ray Cheong
* Red Ruby Avengers
* Narmi
* Razlan
* One Night Service
Check out our next blog post for more pictures :)

Thank you so much to all that came to help and support us, we will be updating you all with videos from our past event soon.

Nawal Jes

27 NOV 11

It's been a long time coming.

MASiF 2011

MASiF 2011, O'oi Couture

with Juliana Evans

Art Music Fashion By Nawal Jes


Hello shoe lovers,

We apologize for not updating our blog as often as we supposed to. But we are excited to share with you guys what had happen in this last one year.

We also are going to have a few surprises coming your way, a few amazing women will be designing with us, so keep a close eye to find out who. Not only that you have a chance to win a pair of our couture shoes or one of our ready to wear shoes. So find out how next week.

We are also excited to be coming out with our new collection on January 1st 2012. So here we go again, we will be having a countdown to our next collection with blog updates. So let's start counting gorgeous.

By the way  we will be updating our website soon, so that it would be more user friendly for you guys and also  we will be adding few more amazing pages on our website :)

We will be adding more pictures to our blog, so stay tune.

Talk to you soon gorgeous,

Nawal Jes

"Step into my shoes"

24 NOV 11

Nawal Jes Collaborations


Dear all,

This is just a little update to let you know that Nawal Jes will be collaborating with two amazing local designers at MASiF's fashion snow, Cosry by Putra Aziz and Oo'i Couture.

Born in Acheh in 1976, Putra Aziz's humble beginnings in a beauty salon have paved the way to fashion greatness. He has carved out a name for himself as one of the top fashion designers in Malaysia, and boasts an impressive celebrity clientele. At once the epitome of old-world elegance and classic opulence, Putra Aziz's contemporary kebaya designs have revived that which was considered tawdry and outmoded. For him, the act of designing surpasses the creation of something beautiful...it is the art of making meaning.

O'Oi is a celebrity designer and stylist who has dressed countless stars for the runway and top award shows alike. He is currently venturing into the male fashion industry through expanding his collections to include stylish cuts and fittings for the male crowd. O'Oi Couture is a haute couture line that has revolutionized the local fashion scene by marrying dazzling cuts with an array of deeply textured fabrics and styles. Elegant shades and a timeless aura have created a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of those who have viewed his creations.

We are really looking forward to seeing the amazing designers and their beautiful models bring the catwalk alive at MASiF. Do come and join us. Hope to see you there!



15 SEP 11

MASiF Countdown: 3 Days to Go!

Dear all,

We are so excited about the MASiF event as it is a mere 3 days away. How time flies! Our fabric and shoes are ready for viewing this Friday, the 16th of September at KLCC, so do come and support the local fashion, arts and music scene. Nawal Jes is honored to be a part of this illustrious event promoting local vision and talent.

Nawal Jes will be debuting four shoes from her Spring Collection and two from the fall line, the latter of which consists of beautiful earthen tones in taupes, creams and nudes. Stay tuned for pictures and news regarding these exciting developments!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the 10 amazing, gorgeous ladies who participated in our Runway Model Search. We wish we could have all you dazzling beauties walk down the runway at KLCC but we only have six pairs of shoes to fill. The final casting was held on Saturday the 10th of September, and the ladies were fitted and photographed during an evening of fun and laughter. A video of the casting was also shot so stay tuned for its posting on this site and on Facebook.

We are also thrilled to announced that we will be collaborating with two more incredible local designers at MASiF so please do attend and extend your support to all involved. 

We will be announcing the top six models who will walk down the runways at KLCC wearing Nawal Jes designs in our next post so stay tuned!

Lots of love,

13 SEP 11


Tanggal 31 Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh Merdeka ! Merdeka !

Have a wonderful MERDEKA gorgeous :)


Nawal Jes

31 AUG 11

Yeay Yeay Esok RAYA!!!!!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Eid, Selamat Hari Raya :)

I cant wait for the AMAZING FOOD tomorrow, ketupat, rendang, lemang, lodeh and tosai!!!!

Drive safe this Raya, and have a BLAST!!
Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa
Kerna hati ku melonjak sama
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara
Yang selalu bermain di mata

Nun menghijau gunung ladang dan rimba
Langit nan tinggi bertambah birunya
Deru angin turut sama berlagu
Semuanya bagaikan turut gembira

Balik kampung oh oh...
Hati girang
Ho ho... Balik kampung 
Hati girang

Terbayang wajah-wajah yang ku sayang
Satu-satu tersemat di kalbu
Pasti terubat rindu di hati
Menyambut kepulangan ku nanti
Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa
Kerna hati ku melonjak sama
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara
Yang selalu bermain di mata 


Nawal Jes

29 AUG 11



Hey Gorgeous People,

We are proud to announce that Nawal Jes would be in the MASIF 2011 Fashion Show.

So right now we are having a runway model search looking for 6 beautiful and amazing ladies would be chosen to walk in our shoes.

Also not to forget that apart from being runway models for MASIF KL 2011, ONE of the 6 lucky ladies would be given a chance to be the "Nawal Jes" official ambassador.

Music Art Style International Festival (MASIF) 2011 would be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 15th-17th of Sept 2011



Height : 
Shoe size :
D.O.B :


Before: 31 August 2011

15 AUG 11

30th July, Do come.

We have been invited by Nu Skin, to be featured in their upcoming High Tea with their leading Lady. Come and join us for a day of Fun, and Powering WOMEN at Carcosa Seri Negara.



Nawal Jes

27 JUL 11

For your viewing pleasure.

Hey people,

So i have been wanting to share this with everyone the last, say 4 month. But didn't really have the time to do so.

Since i am on a roll with blogging today, so i thought why not just post it up today.

But before i do so, i would like to say thank you so  much to everyone that had helped out with this production, you guys are THE BEST to work with. Love all of you to death.

No need to say much just sit back, relax, CLICK and enjoy the VIDEO.

Click here:



 I am still trying to figure out how to add the video to this blog page. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Nawal Jes. 

20 JUL 11

It's been a while.

Hey shoes lovers,

It's been a while since I've blog. Sorry for that, I have been busy the last 1 month. And today I pledge to write atleast one article in a week. 

First off I would like to say thank you to everyone that had helped and gave us support through out everything. 

With the help from our friends we have been having a few event in the last 1 and a half mnth. Public show at strudels, Music Art and Fashion at metrojaya. We also had a fashion show with Ratu. Not to forget we had an event with Nu Skin where we meet a lot of amazing people.  I'll update you guys with videos of the events.

I have a few new shoes to add to our collection and I can't wait to show them with you guys.

Lastly, we will be primiering our Nawal Jes video in our next post so stay tune for that.

Love, Nawal Jes.

20 JUL 11

Check Us Out in www.sevendaysonline.com



Nawal Jes has made it a lil' easier to be found as we can now be purchased at www.sevendaysonline.com. It is our first online-collaborating store.

Sevendays is all about character and style, offering eclectic and affordable fashion to the young, independent woman of today: inspired, confident, and knows the value of a killer accessory. Obsessed with individuality and ingenuity, they strive on delivering to sophisticated shoppers fashion-forward clothing and accessories that will truly accentuate and complement their personality.

Swing by the store or just click away for your latest fashion pieces! 



16 JUN 11